When You Work At A Nonprofit

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Winning Caption: When the board chair says "if Obama can raise millions of dollars $10 at a time, so can we"

Honorable Mention:

  • When someone proposes the brilliant budgetary solution of “Well, just find a sponsor.”
  • When you are honest on an employee satisfaction survey and then find out it isn’t actually confidential.
  • My board when I (the ED) tell them that I’m going to be gone for two to three months due to a medical emergency and they’re going to have to run the organization. 
  • When your ED gives a speech at the annual benefit about how he, as a white ally, ended racism by marching on Washington in 1963.
  • When you’re told you will be manually deduping a database of thousands that hasn’t been scrubbed in years.

Thanks to everyone who sent in ideas! Stay tuned for the next contest!

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