When You Work At A Nonprofit

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Winning Caption: When the two hour staff meeting is finally ending and a co-worker says "I just have one more question..."

Winning caption by ktkatosaurus.tumblr.com

Honorable Mention:

  • When someone points out the $12 variance in your annual budget
  • When the ED asks how you’re feeling after you take a sick day, but your coworker sitting next to you knows you were just horrifically hungover.
  • When a staffer points out a typo on the lead story of the Foundation’s quarterly newsletter… after 10,000 have been mailed out.
  • When the ED discusses raises in the tentative budget and that one colleague says “I don’t need a raise, I’m just honored to have a job.”
  • When one of your coworkers realizes that your department is not on the kitchen cleaning schedule

Thanks to everyone who submitted captions! Stay tuned for the next contest!

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